Rival Crock Pot Parts: Some simple TLC can keep your Crock Pot cooking

Some simple DIY service and maintenance (and a few replacement parts) can mean a long life for the Crock Pot in your kitchen.

You know, when I recently became more aware of this whole 'world' of Crock Pots, I assumed that most Crock Pot owners were probably so attached to their Rival slow cookers that they would be motivated (when necessary) to seek out replacement parts to keep their Crock Pots in perfect working order. Well, when I visited a few different forums out there on the world wide web and read through some of the comments and questions from people discussing their Crock Pot appliance I was surprised by how many of them were asking about where to find the best deal on a new CrockPot simply because of relatively minor issues with their existing slowcooker appliance. I read comments from people who had resigned themselves to purchasing entire new Crock Pots just because of a broken lid or a cracked removable liner.

Wow. A damaged removable liner? A damaged lid?

Shouldn't it be obvious that in this day and age you can find so many things online if you really want to? If someone is not internet savy and doesn't know how to find things online, fine, but if someone is capable of visiting a support forum to find out something about their slow cooker, you would think that they are also capable of using the internet to find replacement parts, right? Huh, go figure.

So many of the smaller problems one might face with their slow cooker are easily managed by acquiring the appropriate replacement part. In addition, some of the bigger problems might be dealt with even after the warranty period has passed, by doing some searching to find out if your model of slow cooker happens to be on any existing product recall list. It is surprising just how many popular brand name appliance manufacturers will periodically put out such a list to inform their customer base of any issues with their products that need to be dealt with. However, I don't want anyone to take my comments the wrong way and think that I am suggesting that Rival has regular ongoing product recall issues; they are like all other large, diverse brand name companies in that they have the occasional product issues that might necessitate the occasional recall of a product.

Many of the more basic service and maintenance issues that might arise can be dealt with by the consumer themselves; something such as a cracked or damaged crock pot lid can easily be replaced. You might not find much in the way of replacement crock pot parts in your local region but that is not really a problem considering the large number of retailers with an online presence that can supply you with any needed replacements. Both ceramic and glass replacement crock pot lids are available for Rival crockpots ranging from the 2.5 quart size upto the 6 quart size. Some of the more common 5 and 6 quart models of crock pot, such as model #s 3351, 3355, 3504, 3550, 3656, 3760, 3845, 3850 and 3950, are all sold with a round glass lid that is replaceable with replacement crock pot lid model # 230-332. Crock Pot model #s 4745 and 5445 come with a lid that is replaceable with replacement lid model # 5445-bc. If for some reason your crockpot lid is in fine shape but the knob attached to your lid needs to be replaced, replacement knobs are also available for purchase.

I already hinted at the availability of replacement crock pot liners and sure enough these are available, too. The inner stoneware liner of the Rival crock can be easily replaced if the necessity to do so should arise. Rival Crock Pot replacement liners are available for crock pots in the 3.5 and 6.5 quart range. There is a replacement liner available for the Rival Smart Pot that is divided, allowing for preparation of more than one meal at the same time in the same Pot! This divided liner is also dishwasher safe, scratch resistant, and microwaveable to boot!

It really is impressive to me just how much maintenance or servicing of a Rival crockpot can be done by the owner of the appliance him/herself. And as I said, a quick search online with Google, Yahoo or MSN will reveal a long list of Rival crockpot replacement parts dealers and retailers ready to supply you with any particular part that you might need.

** UPDATE **

After a number of comments here asking for more suggestions or solutions regarding where to find a variety of rival crock pot parts, I decided to write a new post on the subject outlining my ideas on how to find those elusive rival crock pot replacement parts that you might be hunting for. Well after I wrote that post I realized that because of the way the internet works, many of the visitors that I may be lucky enough to get to this site might arrive here on this page and not see me more recent post, so ... I decided to summarize here briefly some of the more salient points of the post.

Besides the official crockpot.com website, there are other alternatives to find crock pot parts online; you can try sites like ebay, amazon, craigslist, kijiji, and any relevant forum for people who might be offering up their used crock pot for sale; they might be selling it in working condition assuming that anyone who buys it would be doing so to use it as acomplete crock pot slow cooker, however you would be buying it for parts. As well, you could try the opposite approach on some of these sites and post a note saying that you are looking for a used slow cooker appliance to in fact buy it for parts - you might end up with someone's castoff on the cheap because they were about to just throw it into the trash or give it to charity thinking it had no monetary value.

You could also consider trying a variety of different brick and mortar alternatives: liquidation stores, auction/bankruptcy merchandise stores and charity shops are all possible answers in your quest for that replacement slow cooker lid, handle, stoneware liner or knob. You could also try taking your existing crock pot slow cookers to the local kitchen appliance store/retailer and seeing if it is similar enough to a newer model which might have replacement parts available if your model does not.

Okay, I hope that this public service announcement has been of some help to you. Happy hunting!


Timothy F said...


Could u tell me where i can get the knob for the crock pot lid..i think i have a Crock-Pot® 4 Quart Oval Slw Ckr, so the knob is not the round one but the one with a handle.

Many thanks


Andi said...

try www.crock-pot.com. Obviously the write of this blog hasn't tried clicking on any of the links (which rotate by the way) on the top of his page. They are absolutely worthless with regard to finding parts. The above site is where I FINALLY found said knob.

Fun Blogger said...

I am sorry that you are dissapointed with the post, Andi.

I should just like to mention a couple of things:
First, you obviously came across this post and no others on my blog because if you had you would see that I have in fact mentioned the Crock Pot home page as a source of info for crock pot - I just didn't happen to do so on this particular post. My bad so now there is a permalink at the top of this blog's home page. There you go: I actually took your comment to heart =)
Second, from your comments I have to assume that you are not familiar with how Google adsense ads work: they are placed on the page by the blog writer (me) but the content is chosen by Google (not me) and they change regularly (again Google's doing not mine). So you actually are calling google's links "absolutely worthless". But you are absolutely right about me not clicking the advertising links on my own blog, why? IT IS AGAINST GOOGLE'S TERMS OF SERVICE TO CLICK ADS ON YOUR OWN WEBSITE. To do so could easily get your adsense account with them suspended.

BTW, Timothy I hope you had some luck in your search so far!

chickiej1 said...

I went to the rival/crockpot website and they are out of stock of the replacement liner/stoneware I need Can you suggest any other place where these things can be found? I did a two hour online search and couldn't find anything.

Fun Blogger said...

I can suggest to you what I have suggested to others on this site: mainly that you search sites like the following for your make and serial number of slow cooker/crock pot:


- all of the above might be good for searching for any rival crock pot parts that you are looking for.
As well you might want to try any local charity shops for any used slow cookers that are being sold that you could use for parts.

Anonymous said...

I think that Rival makes some very impressive products but whern it comes to helping the owners of their products keep them working properly, they are not too impressive there. I wish that they would keep more variety of spare parts in stock for those needing them. There must be lot of people that have this problem and feel frustrated by it.

Fun Blogger said...

I have to admit that i am starting to feel similarly about the company; They offer a wide variety of crock pot appliances for consumers but are abit skimpy on the replacement parts that are regularly available. As well, I am starting to think that they could maybe offer lower prices for the replacement parts that they do have in stock. I wouldn't be surprised if they find it hard to keep every potential part in place just because they sell so many different varieties of appliance out there and that maybe the cost of keeping them all in stock would be prohibative. Really though this doesn't let them off the hook completely.

Anonymous said...

What about replacement handles for the outer shell (the heating part) of the crock pot? Are they available and then how are they attached? thanx cw oxford

Anonymous said...

I called Crockpot customer svc asking about a replacemnet knob for a lid. They said they carry only knobs for the base --not the lid. I will try my local hardware store as it appears they might have a knob that will work. My lid's plastic knob cracked. I think it wasteful to buy a whole new lid when the lid is not cracked and is in perfect condition

Anonymous said...

Thanks for updating this post, google did indeed bring me to this entry instead of your savvy new one. Hopefully I'll be able to find a replacement lid for my crock pot after my roommate decided to put the crock pot in the oven. (What?!)

Misty aka Elvisgirl said...

Another good place to find replacement parts is marbeck.com
I'm replacing some 1/2 circle handles with rounds knobs, maybe switching a couple of my crockpot lid handles around to make them work the best, but $6 for 2 lid knob style handles vs. 12 for 1 whole new lid sounds good to me!

Shawna said...

What do you do when your model (3760) crock pot has been discontinued and rival has no replacement parts. I broke the insert of my crock pot but everything else is okay. It seems wasteful to just go buy a new one, when a new ceramic insert is all that is needed.

Fun Blogger said...

Well, I think that I have maybe covered this before; One of my favourite ideas is to try doing the rounds at your area's thrift shops and see if your model of crock has been donated there and if so buy it for parts. You should probably do this if you find your model in such a place even if it isnt yet damaged just so if you really like it you will have spare parts for it in the future, if needs be. Also outlet centers for places like Sears and retailers with older stock on the shelves sometimes have the models you might need at reduced prices.